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This is Common Ground

Today exactly two years ago I sat down in a coffee shop, and God dared me to start dreaming again. As I tried to dig for dreams, I came to realise that any dream won’t do. The dreams He asked of me were outrageous, impossible dreams. Not dreams that I could easily achieve by myself, ‘cause those are far too easy to dream up. They require minimum risk and minimum effort. No, the dreams I had to dream in that moment were the kind that make you pee a little when you think about possible outcomes.

There I was. Waiting. Pen in hand. Ready to flood the page with dreams. I felt myself trying on my little girl shoes... I’d be lying if I said it was easy.

Lost in prayer, I started writing. Before long I covered all of ten pages. I caught a few tears before they reached the paper, and I realised how my Spirit longed for this moment. As grown-ups we so often give up on our dreams, as we learn that life never really works according to our plans. Before you know it you’ve reached your thirties, unmarried, without child, missed the train to job security and still kind of figuring things out. I found myself trapped in a mindset where I lowered my expectations and completely stopped dreaming, just to help my heart out a little. We all know it hurts to be disappointed, and along the years I’ve become well acquainted with this emotion.

As the words came streaming out of me, I caught myself asking “what if” in a completely different way. What if it was possible? What if it worked? What if it wasn’t just about me?

On the page before me was a little drawing of a tree with the words Common Ground Collective next to it. I dreamed about a company that shared stories of hope, stories that unite and encourage. I dreamed about using videography, photography, music and creative writing to draw people closer to God’s Father heart. To share something deeper of His heart. I dreamed of powerful collaborations with likeminded creatives.

What I realised is that stories are one of the most powerful tools to find common ground in a crowd of individuals. The moment someone shares a bit about where they come from, or a bit of what they have been through, about their struggles and victories, a connection is made. We find likenesses or differences within each other stories, and in a mysterious way they bind us together. In a way we are all trees planted in the same soil. Sometimes our roots entwine, and sometimes our branches meet, but we are all connected by common ground. I believe the common ground is Jesus. All our questions of where we began and where we’re heading find their answer in Him.

So, here we are. Two years later, and I can just testify of the goodness of God in every season that lead up to this moment. My prayer is that you will awake sleeping dreams. That you will be bold in your prayers and brave in your pursuit. As you’re reading this, I want to encourage you to lay down all your outrageous dreams, your expectations and disappointments at the feet of Jesus. Do not despise small beginnings. Keep trusting. Stay in step with His rhythm. And above all remember that we all get to engage in the story of eternity, and it is so much bigger than just us.

I can’t wait to see what Common Ground Collective will look like in a year, or ten years… All I know is there are great stories that are waiting to be told, and I can’t wait to dive in and go deeper. I hope that you’ll join in this adventure, and make yourself at home here. You’re so welcome…

This is Common Ground Collective.

Here we go!

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