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Tick Tock

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

There’s something holy about a sunrise. All of creation falls silent just before the first rays of sunlight reach the earth. It’s like everything stands still for those few seconds. Awaiting the light. As the day breaks the birds of the air break into song, flowers open up to receive the sun’s warmth and all the earth awakens to praise their Creator for the gift of another day. It really is something spectacular to behold. It’s a shame I’m not a morning person.

Okay, I know a lot of people say “I’m not a morning person”, but I’m afraid I embody this saying. Anyone who knows me will testify to the scary shadow of a human being I am before 8am. After a few years of working in the music and film industry, I’ve had to train myself to function in these ridiculous hours of the morning. But I’m afraid I still fail miserably. I try. I really do. Alas.

I haven’t attempted watching a sunrise until a week ago when we traveled to Limpopo for an onsite edit for a corporate client. After weeks of spending time at the same office desk, I welcomed the change of scenery with open arms. Even if the change of scenery came with 20 hour working days. Details, details…

So there we were. On a deck. In the bushveld. Freezing. Shooting a timelapse of the sunrise to include in our story, after sleeping only 3 hours and being seriously decaffeinated. What a time to be alive.

After fighting the haze of negativity and side effects of sleep-deprivation, I lifted my head as the sun peeked over the hills. The sky was painted with shades of red, purple, blue and yellow. Spectacular. I had to fight the tears, as I beheld the beauty all around. I could feel a new day break in my spirit, and all that remained was a thankful heart. There are countless times that we get so caught up in all our discontentment, that we completely miss the beauty in the moment we are in. If we could just learn to be fully present in the gift of the present.

I’m celebrating my birthday tomorrow. My perspective about turning older has shifted radically in the past 5 years. We all fear time. We fear that it’ll be too much, or too little. We fear that it’ll be wasted and slip through our fingers. We resent the periods of waiting, and regret that we didn’t make more of the time we had. The all too familiar “what if?” creeps into the crevices of our doubts, and feeds the fire of fear.

Today I was prompted to ask “what if?” in a different way. What if time was a gift? What if the ticking of the clock was something to be grateful for? Time was never meant to drive fear into our hearts. Time was made to create beauty, growth, healing. To give us hope, and to remind us of how precious this life is. Without time we would just be like me before 8am… Scary shadows drifting along with no purpose.

If there’s anything I could pray for in this new year of life ahead, it would be that I would devote myself to being fully present. To stop living in the past, or striving towards the future. To look at life through Heaven’s eyes. To look beyond all of my fears and discontentment, and see the beauty all around. To stand in awe and wonder with all of creation. Arise and shine, for a new day has come.

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