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Stories Matter
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Count on us to be your dedicated marketing allies, ready to support, seamlessly integrate, or even step in as your very own team!

Our Clients

Meet your new creative companion!

We always say Stories Matter. But why?

Well it’s in our name really.

We believe that stories are the common ground we share. Our mission is to craft and tell better stories, allowing the companies and brands we work with to connect to their clients on a more intimate level, a more human level.

So how does this work?

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Connect Chat Talk
Create Creative

Step 01


The first thing we have to do is connect. On this step we’ll get to know each other.
We want to know who you are and what you do. After that we’ll talk about your exact
needs and how we can fill them in the best possible way.

Step 02


After we’ve gotten to know each other, we’re going to iron out what your specific needs are. We never want to waste your time or your money so we want to understand every detail of your need, this is where we will choose a service that suits your need.

Step 03


Once we have established the project concept and fleshed out ideas. We move into the pre-production phase. We get to know your brand and you get to know our process. We’ll align briefs, create storyboards, finalise scripts, and complete the pre-production stage with your team.

Step 04


Now we’re ready to create! We’re going to start the production phase of the project, probably the most exciting part of any project. After that we move into post production where you will receive a 1st draft and one free round of revision.

Our Services

Video Content

High quality video content for web, social media and television

2D & 3D Animation

2D & 3D Animation for infographics, explainer videos, motion design, visualisation (archvis, product demo, etc.) and online marketing


High quality photo content for web, social media and physical media like clothing, banners, etc.

Graphic Design

High quality design for social media, physical media, eBooks, digital reports, illustration design, presentations and static web elements

Brand Identity

Every brand needs a design identity. Lets make your business stand out from the rest

Web Design

Your website is your business’s greatest asset and will help you to drive growth

Check out some of the awesome work we've done for our clients

High quality design, presentations and videos are the key to any successful brand’s growth.

Some of the stories we've told

Gudgu owners CEOS

"Common Ground Collective is ground breaking! This talented duo creates magic with their skills and talent. A real go-to for first time satisfaction."

Viljoen de Koch (GUDGU)

The new way to do media

Let's be real, the traditional methods for ramping up design are kinda outdated. You don't really need an agency or a freelancer; what works better is just beefing up your in-house team.

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